ENB project to create more jobs

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MANY jobs will be created in East New Britain when a multi-million kina project gets underway in the province.
This follows the acquisition of 137.39 hectares of land at the Rapopo Plantation outside Kokopo town by ENB Development Corporation (ENBDC) – the business arm of the provincial government from the Rabaul Catholic Archdiocese.
Archbishop Francesco Panfilo handed over the land to ENBDC Group managing director and chief executive officer William Lamur at Vunapope on Monday.
Lamur said the multi-million project if managed well would help the group of companies undertake development with others in line with the Kokopo-Tokua corridor project.
The project development, designed by Plan Pac, includes housing estates and commercial developments.
There will also be a port and related infrastructure to provide an alternative to the Rabaul wharf which currently facing a silt build-up, and a slipway.
Included is an energy park (fuel, gas, water terminal), a five-star resort and convention centre, roads, drainage, parks and public amenities.
“This project will employ hundreds of people,” Lamur said.
“What worries me a lot these days is the idle minds that are out there and the number of people being pushed out of the education system who need to be absorbed into the workforce,” Lamur said.

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