Enga, govt told to pay families


CHIMBU Governor Michael Dua wants the Enga and the national governments to compensate the families of two policemen killed during election operations in Wabag, Enga.
Dua said after two roadblocks were set up along the Highlands Highway this week, one in Chuave by the relatives of police officer Alex Kopa and one in Jiwaka by the relatives of Constable Glen Golang.
“I have travelled to these two locations and both roadblocks have put a stop to the flow of traffic,” Dua said.
“People moving on business trips and for work and the flow of goods and services are affected.
“When you look at the big trucking companies, they are being affected, they suffer big losses from such unresolved issues and that is something the prime minister and the national government cannot sit back and watch.
“Both the Enga and the national governments must intervene to address these issue.
“I have met with these people setting roadblocks and have found out that the bodies of these policemen are still at the funeral home.
“I call on Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas, Kandep MP Alfred Manasseh, former Kandep MP Don Polye and Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to address the issue.”

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