Enga tribal fight ends in deaths


A PROLONGED tribal fight in Kompiam, Enga between the Tinalapin and the Yawan tribes claimed 10 lives, a local resident said yesterday.
Kompiam High School deputy principal Luke Paulus told The National that 10 people were killed in the fight that continued yesterday.
“The fight between the Tinalapins and the Yawans restarted a week ago when one of the tribes aligned with Tinalapin shot to death two people – a woman and an elementary teacher from Pinai – an ally of the Yawans,“ he said.
Paulus said the district headquarters, Kompiam station and the Kompiam High School were under threat and needed urgent government intervention to bring the escalating tribal warfare under control.
“The Yawans and the Tinalapins are custodians of the Kompiam station and the high school so if nothing is done soon, Kompiam will
lose these existing services,” Paulus said.
Enga police commander Chief Inspector George Kakas said the fight started after Christmas.
He said during the fighting, he actually went and gave the tribes three preventive orders to stop fighting but all those orders were breached.
“During my fourth attempt to tell them to stop fight, they agreed to stop and do reconciliations by signing an agreement,” he said.
Kakas said as police were waiting for the Operation Mekim Save team that included village court officers.
Former Kompiam local level government president Ngee Londokai said the fight started some months ago but due to no government intervention, it affected many tribes.
“We the leaders from the neighbouring tribes have done all we could to mediate for peace but are exhausted,” Londokai said.
“We are calling on the Enga law and order office to intervene.”
Londokai said the feud started between Poreyalin Kombrau and Yawan Pambau tribes over a rape incident.
“The national elections is coming and for a safe, fair and trouble-
free elections, I’m calling on concerned leaders and authorities to intervene and assist to stop the fight,” he said.

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