Enga welcomes new development project


ENGA Governor Sir Peter Ipatas says his province welcomes all development such as the Yapai potato project at Laigam.
Sir Peter, popularly known around the country as the “Action Governor”, said this when addressing more than 5000 people at Yapai during the opening of the project last Friday.
He said the appreciation of the Enga people was shown by the warm welcome they afforded visitors to Yapai for the project launching.
“You can see the appreciation of the people as they show their true colours,” Sir Peter said. “I can say that Enga, as a people and as a government, appreciate whatever help has been given to establish this project.”
The people cheered to show their appreciation as their governor told them to do so.
Sir Peter gave kudos to entrepreneur and economist Sam Talepakali for taking the initiative to set up the project in a difficult area of Enga.
“Today is a good day for the people of Lagaip and Enga,” he said.
“One of our own educated sons of Enga has returned home and shown an example to other educated sons and daughters (of Enga) to return home and help the little people.”
Sir Peter also commended another educated Engan son, Supreme Court judge Justice Ambeng Kandakasi, for his constant concern for the people of Yapai, Laiagam and Enga.
“You must return home and show your concern for the little people,” he said.
“Justice Kandakasi, you have my support, and I can tell you that the people of Enga appreciate this very much.”
Sir Peter said the Porgera gold mine would not last forever and Enga must now start looking at alternatives revenue sources such as the Yapai project.
“In Enga, with the Porgera gold mine, there has been some development,” he said.
“Many of our young people here are surviving because of the mine, but it will come to an end one day.
“I am happy that our brother Sam Talepakali has returned home and shown that when this gold mine is finished, there are ways to survive in the village – to make money, build good houses, send our children to school.”

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