Envoy praises locals


AN envoy from the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva, Switzerland said she was impressed with how appreciative Papua New Guineans were towards services.
Veronique Pinto, the head of sector for Water and Habitat Unit Assistance Division said she was pleasantly surprised with the singsing groups and a huge crowd that received her and delegates from the Red Cross Society last Friday at the opening of Yakisu health post at Kalolo in Kagua Erave district.
“I’ve been to the mountains of Afghanistan, war zones in Somalia and travelled to other countries in the Asia-Pacific region, but I’ve never been received with such a warm and colourful welcome. I think it’s only in Papua New Guinea,” she said.
Pinto said she was impressed with the dancing groups and crowd turnout that welcomed them and celebrated from morning till afternoon.
She thanked the National Red Cross team from Mt Hagen for putting in a tremendous effort which paved way for the set-up of the health facility.
She also thanked the communities at Kalolo for their support in establishing a health centre which would benefit them greatly.
“Now that I see this with my own eyes, this health facility is here to serve the 20,000-plus population.
“This facility must stay here to serve its intended purpose.
“On behalf of the Red Cross Society, we pay gratitude to you for your hard work and helping hand.
“There are plenty more to come and you must work together with the provincial health authority to look after this facility.”
The new health post received a commitment of K50,000 from the Southern Highlands government under Governor William Powi.
Representatives from the district and health services and community leaders thanked ICRC for its help in constructing the new health facility.

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