Erosion highlights problems with Lae


I read in The National (Sept 29) about the damage caused to Lae’s riverside properties by the erosion of the banks of Bumbu River and the threat the river bank’s continued erosion poses to those living in the area.
This is happening because Lae city and the department of works engineers have not been doing their job.
I say they are not performing their job because it seems like they have not been collecting data or having regular inspection of the city’s metro areas.
Businesses, schools and taxpayers are the ones paying the rates and taxes, yet they are also the ones who suffer when public servants don’t do their work properly. It is easy for public officials to sit in their comfortable offices or drive around in their fancy cars and be oblivious to the things happening around them that affects the lives of their ratepayers.
If public officials are doing their job well then they should be finding out about the wear-and-tear issues around the city and have them sorted before they put Lae’s people at a disadvantage.

Chillie Peps
Lae-Morobe Province

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