Escapee finds work, police arrange arrest


AN escapee from Buimo Prison was found by police working for a manufacturing company in Lae.
Lae Met Supt Anthony Wagambie Jnr confirmed that the man arrested on the company’s premises.
“The suspect was in remand awaiting trial for armed robbery when he escaped in 2015. Somehow he got employed by the company,” he said.
He said the suspect was alleged to have been involved in other robberies while he was on the run and went under the radar while working.
“Police conducted a dawn raid at the suspect’s house but he was not there. The wife then directed the police to his work place,” he said.
“With the company’s approval, police searched the processing plant and found him hiding inside a machine.”
He said the suspect had been transported back to Buimo and would be charged for escaping from custody.
“Our team will continue to work in locating and rounding up escapees,” Waigambie said, adding that Lae still had a large number of escapees on the run from the mass breakout in 2015 and 2016.

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