Estate supports police


THE Police Department can now depend and benefit on an income to help families of dead officers, Deputy Commissioner, administration, Raphael Huafolo says.
He told the media yesterday after receiving the title and keys of a K1.2 million apartment that was presented by the Paga Hill Estate to support the police legacy programme.
“The apartment will be leased to make money to support the families of officers who have passed on while working,” Huafolo said.
He said it was compulsory for serving officers to contribute fortnightly towards assisting the legacy as one day it would benefit their families too.
“In the Police Department, we do not have any such formal organisations apart from this legacy organisation,” Huafolo said.
Former president of the police legacy programme Ila Geno said the programme was founded in 1987 and was incorporated as an association on Sept 8, 1995.
He said it was not commissioned as an entity but a charity organisation that wanted to look after families of deceased officers, especially their children’s education.
Paga Hill Estate managing director and chief executive officer Gudmundur Fridriksson said they had supported the police legacy organisation over the years since its establishment with donations and other assistance.
He said when they acquired the K1.2 million apartment, they decided to give it to the Police Department to support their legacy organisation.
“The apartment can earn K2000 to K3000 in rents per week that would go to the legacy revenues,” Fridriksson said.
Meanwhile, Huafolo acknowledged the Paga Hill Estate for the donation and saluted  former police commissioners that had come up with the idea of having a legacy organisation.
He said the donation would benefit the police department as well as the families of the of dead officers.

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