EU reports K23mil spent on project

Health Watch

THE European Union has given K22.5 million to support the Wash and Nutrition Program in Papua New Guinea.
European Union Ambassador Ioannis Giogkarakis-Argyropoulos said the European Union, who had been a partner with Papua New Guinea for 40 years, established the rural water project in the early 90s.
It now hopes to make clean water, sanitation and nutrition accessible to everyone in the country, he said.
“Papua New Guinea must not underestimate itself.
“It is a rich country. The difference starts with you as an individual, you can make a change.”
Giogkarakis-Argyropoulos said clean water, sanitation and nutritious food were important and people must take it seriously.
“We must not forget the reality of people who are out there, especially in the rural areas, who are facing these challenges.”
Deputy health Secretary Paison Dakulala thanked the European Union and stakeholders for their partnership to address the issue.
He said cholera and typhoid could be avoided if people washed their hands, drank clean water and ate nutritious food.
The programme promotes equitable access to safe, convenient, and sustainable water supply and sanitation.
It also aims to improve hygiene practices within the paradigm of responsible sustainable development.

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