EU supports Tvet programme


THE launching of the technical vocational education training upgrade programme will see a drawdown of K5,735,000 in the next 24 months, an official says.
Loia Vaira is the acting first secretary of foreign aid division in the Department of National Planning and Monitoring.
She said the launching of the Tvet teachers’ capacity building programme was supported by the European Union.
Vaira said complementing this was the infrastructure and tools contracts worth over K35 million to be delivered in the next 24 months.
“These are key priorities under the current education plan, requiring upgrades in school infrastructures as well as equipping them with the relevant tools for teaching and learning,” Vaira said.
She said the Government forged strategic partnership with its development partners to support development agendas.
It also ensures they are working in tandem with the government’s developments priorities.
“The European Union, in partnership with Government, is pleased to deliver and contribute to teacher training, which is a critical component of progressing quality education.”

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