Evictions stopped


POLICE in Kimbe, West New Britain, have been restrained from conducting evictions on people illegally occupying Government houses.
Provincial police commander Superintendent Jim Namora said National Housing Corporation manager Peter Karao, 53, from Kamas village in Wabag, had obtained the restraining order from the court stopping police from evicting those occupying the homes.
Namora said the court issued the restraining order recently. Police in Kimbe had charged Karo in August with one count of abuse of office.
Namora said investigations into alleged corrupt dealings within NHC in Kimbe had led to his arrest.
Namora said alleged corrupt dealings had created challenges for policing especially in Bialla.
He said Bialla did not have a station commander because the home allocated to police had been given to others.
He said people in Bialla wanted a police officer to take command in Bialla.
They had claimed that lawlessness was a big problem in the area because there was no commanding officer to coordinate policing in the area.
This was reflected in the high number of homicide cases in Bialla last month.
Namora said a station commander would be posted in Bialla once accommodation was available. Namora appealed to the people to maintain peace and order in the area.

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