Ex-student donates computers to school

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A MAN who had performed poorly at a university in computing class has donated free computers to his old school to ensure children there did not go through the same situation.
Using his connections and the opportunities available which he felt others could benefit from, Hastings Deering PNG Ltd Parts Operations manager for PNG and Solomon Islands, Kelly Kerua, helped ship in 50 desktop computers from Australia.
Kerua said the request from the headmaster, teachers and board of Holy Trinity Primary School to have computers to help improve teaching and learning was a genuine one.
The computers arrived from the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane through a project called Share, Engage and Educate (SEE) coordinated by fellow Western Highlander Paul Ogil.
While donating 25 of the desktop computers at Holy Trinity Primary School, Kerua stressed that computer literacy was very crucial for advancement in education today.
“My result in computing class at the university was very bad because I never had any computing skills from primary and high school. We never had computers those days.
“I felt bad about that and do not want students today to go through the same situation I went through,” Kerua said.
He said that everything nowadays depended on computer technology and it was important students got themselves acquainted with computer skills in their early stages of development.
Kerua said that the aim of the SEE programme was to help schools in developing countries in the Pacific

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