Exam cheats warned


THE penalty for cheating in examinations is non-certification, Education Secretary Dr Uke Kombra says.
“Last year, we identified that there were cases of cheating by 40 students and they did not receive any certificates and that’s what we will apply to students or to the whole school,” Kombra said.
“We are applying the rule of zero tolerance. In our examination system, there are software through which we can find and identify students who have cheated in the exams.
“And also during the marking, we also do it in such a way that we ensure that the marks are compared and we ensure that all processes are followed.
“After the review (in 2015) and when they (investigation committee) identified certain gaps, we took deliberate actions to close all those gaps and we will continue to do that.
“But we have taken one or two steps that we can find out those students or schools cheating.
“That is the message that I want to really emphasise – that we must allow for fair examinations.
“Every students has got a right to sit for the exams and every child or students must be given that fair chance of sitting for their exams and getting the results that he or she deserves. That reflects the ability and efforts of the students.
“As the department stand together to administer fair examinations and ensure that every student is on an equal playing field and no one is given any opportunity that is better than another students, the efforts that we have made gives us good support from everyone and we are looking forward for better examinations this year.”

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