Exchange point to reduce internet costs


INTERNET costs are expected to be reduced with the progressive establishment of an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in Port Moresby by the National Information and Communication Technology Authority.
Nicta chief executive officer Charles Punaha said at the Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre workshop in Port Moresby the IXP would allow for enhanced internet for internet service providers and consumers in the retail market.
“The workshop will also be on the technical aspects of operating an IXP. We have a neutral IXP now located at the Nicta office,” he said.
“After yesterday, we have Digitec. They are connected and live. And also Datec. We are hoping that before the week, Telikom will connect and Digicel have confirmed that they are connecting as well.
“What this neutral IXP provides is what technical people call local peering. This means that traffic will be exchanged at the neutral IXP between the operators rather than individually going out.
“At the moment what is happening is that local traffic is going overseas and is coming back.
“And that’s one of the reasons for the high costs.
“When you provide local peering, it means they will be exchanging their traffic at that level. The cost will come down.”
Punaha said in Vanuatu after they launched their IXP, the costs came down by more than 50 per cent.