‘Exhibitions vital for students’


EXHIBITIONS are an important part of student learning because they allow students to relate what they learn in classrooms to real life, a secondary school science teacher says.
Marianville Secondary School biology teacher Helen Awape said last week during an exhibition of sharks and rays found in Papua New Guinea (PNG) that such exhibitions were important and if done annually by different researchers that would greatly help in student learning. “The girls learnt more about what they already know in theory but now with the real thing it will enhance their learning,” she said.
“It’s very important they have this and maybe they can share this at school, it will be helpful as a learning material,” she said.
Marianville Secondary School Grade 11 student Jalini Jeyapathy said such exhibitions have detailed information and she was also shocked to know the number of sharks and rays species that existed in PNG and the world.
“This will also help us to sustain the natural resources,” she said.
Most people in the country are ignorant so when they say do not fish too much we are still doing it so such exhibitions will help us to sustain the environment.”

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