Expos focus on women


MINISTER for Community Development and Religion Delilah Gore has told officials to organise an expo in each region to expose women in business.
This should be used as a build-up to the 2018 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) meetings to be hosted by Papua New Guinea.
“In preparation for 2018 Apec, we should have expo in the (four) regions to identify the (business) women,” she said.
“Bringing everyone into Port Moresby is difficult.
“There would be others and we may not identify them all.
“Through the regional expo, we will identify the women and prepare them for 2018.”
She hope that development partners will assist in profiling PNG women in business and the services they provide.
“We need to know how many women are already in business. There should be profiles done on our women in business,” Gore said.
She said her department Secretary Anna Solomon will discuss with partners for the funding of the regional expos.
“We can go into having one-stop expo market based in Port Moresby where all our women’s businesses are in one shop. They can see the work of our women,” she said.
“These are the things I’d like to see happening before we host Apec in 2018.”

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