Exposure to foreign markets will ‘beneficit’ locals


NEW Ireland-based fisheries company Dybes Limited says local fishermen have the potential to benefit more through the exposure of their product in foreign markets.
Dybes managing director Leo Kuso said since they began operation last year, he realised the potential the sector had in generating revenue for locals.
“I am originally from Musau in New Ireland and got into the fisheries business last year as the ban on beche-de-mer products had just been uplifted. I got my licence and I started,” he said.
“We are operating out of Kavieng but we are sourcing products from Musau, Namatanai and surrounding islands as well.
“I am a resource-owner as well as a business operator. This comes from the fact that people back at home are not getting as much as they can from the marine resources that we have.
“My main initiative is to look for good markets to benefit those at home.
“When it comes to wet products like fish, lobsters and crayfish we have to offer better prices. Some fishermen want to go for fish and others want to go for lobster and crayfish. It falls back on the pricing as well.”
“The hardships I face is where the right facilities are needed for processing. Then you need money to move the products forward.”
He said at the end of the day, it would cost a good amount of money to secure a good deal.
Dybes Limited is one of the few SME sponsors of the tuna forum and the Pacific seafood technology exposition held in Port Moresby this week.

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