Exposure urged


PAPUA New Guinea has been described as “a white sheet of paper in front of the world” which must be filled in to show what the country is like.
United Nations World Tourism Organisation secretary-general Dr Taleb Rifai mentioned this yesterday when addressing a forum on Sustainable Tourism for Development in Port Moresby.
“I have come to Papua New Guinea with a blank sheet and white, open paper,” Rifai said.
“I did not know what to expect.
“You’re wonderful country, but you’re a white sheet in front of the world.
“You can fill this white sheet with so many colours, so many images and so many pictures that can reflect the reality your country is all about.
“It’s a beautiful, colourful, warm country that deserves the best.
“Let tourism be a force to guide you in the change that you need to do, make your life better, make your children proud and make your country great.”
It is his first visit to PNG.
“I wish that the whole world was with me to witness the wonderful society, wonderful people and wonderful landscape here,” he said.

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