All eyes on MP Temu


I CONGRATULATE Sir Puka Temu on his re-election to parliament for the fourth consecutive term.
The people of Abau are fortunate to have him as their MP and are proud of his appointment as Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS.
I know that Temu is very much aware of the difficulties our health centres are facing today, especially in Kupiano, Moreguina and Magerida.
Many patients have been asked to provide their own transportation to Port Moresby General Hospital for treatment and medication.
We need to address this to save our people from dying needlessly, and for that we are relying on our MP.
We are watching how  Temu will use the K50 million allocations in the next five years.
Hoprefully, he will do better this time.

Irunalakona Avarava

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