Fairfax volleyball finals deferred, corporate comp starts


THE Fairfax Volley grand finals for the men’s, women’s and Under-21 men’s divisions have been deferred to this weekend.
Papua New Guinea Volleyball Federation president and Fairfax Volleyball founder Kila Dick confirmed the deferral on Saturday at PNG Education Institute.
He said the finals were deferred so that they could run the official pre-season of the corporate volleyball competition at PNGEI.
“This weekend is the first weekend of the pre-season for corporate volleyball competition,” he said. “Eighteen organisations have expressed interest to take part in the competition.
“There will be five weekends of pre-season games and these teams will be slotted in into two pools — pool A and pool B.
Dick said the Fairfax volleyball was administrating this corporate competition.
“This is a good cause for Fairfax as well and the PNGVF to work together with these big companies to expand the interest of volleyball in the country,” Dick said.

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