Falcons set to face Rats in rematch, get new uniforms


THE major semifinal match between Betari Falcons and Marane K-Rats of Port Moresby suburban rugby league was postponed to tomorrow at Kone Tigers Oval, Waigani.
The score was 5-4 in favour of the K-Rats when the referee allegedly erred in penalising the Falcons for an infringement cause by a Rats player.
The decision to penalise the Falcons did not go down well, with the supporters and players, who protested forcing the referee to abandon the match.
Prior to the game, the Falcons club had received a timely sponsorship from the owner of Killerton Investment Limited.
Principal owner of the company Apolos Terry, elder brother of senior police officer David Terry, who is also the patron of the club, handed over a new set of jerseys to the club.
Apolos Terry said his company would continue their sponsorship of the club based on the performance of the players.
He promised the players in front of parents and supporters that he would continue to support the club if they won the grand final and take home the cup to Betari Street in Morata.
He said rugby league was about discipline and not fighting on and off the field of play.
He said the club was also looking to one day join the Port Moresby Rugby League.

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