Families of victims deserve answers


THE National’s article on the investigations into the nine people who went missing at sea between Manus and East Sepik in February this year seems a forgotten tragedy as if these previous lives don’t matter.
For the relatives, they will forever live and grieve with many unanswered questions.
The East Sepik administration and the good governor could have thought outside the box, mobilised resources of the province and neighbouring provinces on an emergency surveillance rescue operation immediately upon receiving the report.
Accidents and emergencies are simply what they are.
They don’t make appointments.
Here is another boat tragedy.
In late August this year, this newspaper published article about six youths, all family members, who went missing between Borai in Bogia district, Madang and Angoram district in East Sepik.
Among them were two girls. They were on a hired boat. The skipper was a local.
No investigations have since been done and reported.
The apathy shown by authorities in Bogia, Angoram and Wewak is laughable.
The telltale is that the victims were not lost in the open sea.
They were cruising along the coastline waters but failed to reach Angoram.
Rumours abound of the known whereabouts of these six people.
This could be a case that warrants  provincial authorities and the Angoram administration to initiate preliminary criminal investigations.

Tok Stret, Via email

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