Family demands answers after student’s death as investigation continues


THE family of a 22-year-old missing man whose body was found at the basement of the Treasury Department building are demanding answers from security personnel of a nearby nightclub.
Tabu Airi went missing during the IBS Night at the Lamana Gold Club on Oct 21.
His uncle Keith Lahui said they put up missing person’s posters on Oct 24 and his body was found the next day.
Lahui said though the body was found at the basement, there was blood on the stairs and on the 10th floor. “CCTV footage showed that Airi and his friends were involved in a fight with security guards,” Lahui said.
“When they came out of the club, Airi stood on top of a vehicle and jumped to the Treasury Department building area.
“It showed that security guards on both sides, from the Lamana Gold Club and the Treasury Department, where at the scene.”
Lahui said the family believed that their son was killed and his body hidden.
“So security guards must explain how our son died,” he said.
“They were there when he jumped over and there were security guards on the Treasury Department side as well.”
Police forensic confirmed the incident and said that the body was found at the basement.
But they said that they could not comment on the incident as they were still investigating the case.

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