Family forgives those involved in killing teenager


A family from Central has forgiven the people involved in the stabbing of a teenager at Gordon market in Port Moresby
It was alleged that the 19-year-old victim (name withheld for security reasons) from Niuiruka village in Rigo district and a student at Koki Vocational Centre were stabbed when he ran after a suspect who pulled his bag from a PMV.
The victim was also a crew on the PMV truck that did regular runs to the market with passengers and their produce.
His elder bother said the student lost a lot of blood and died after he was taken to the hospital.
He said the family had forgiven the culprit and agreed to stop the investigation carried out by Criminal Investigation Division (CID).
The body was removed from the morgue and was taken to village last Thursday for burial.
The brother urged the respective authorities, NCD governor and the Member for Moresby North East to do something about the safety of people and look seriously into petty crimes happening at the Gordon market.
“The market is seen as not safe anymore for customers and the people of Central to come and sell their produce.”
“My brother is a victim of a group of men that support and also protect the culprits involved in petty crimes taking place at the market.
“When boys pull bags or anything, they seek refuge and hide among the group and there are also people in the group that go around stabbing innocent people,” he said.

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