Family honours grandparents’ missionary work


AN Eastern Highlands family last week paid homage to their grandparents and parents for their services as pioneer missionaries.
The Yane Karupi family of Tarabo in Okapa, Eastern Highlands, hosted a feast to honour their late father Yane, his younger brother Monia and his wife Anasi Monia Ongigi, 67, who is still alive.
They were pioneer Lutheran missionaries that helped establish Tarabo Lutheran mission station.
In the late 1940s, Yane with another Tarabo villager, Skoke Fiso, went to Fayantina in Henganofi and were taught the Lord’s prayer as an introduction to learning the gospel.
The duo returned home and taught their village people and spread the gospel.
In 1950, they helped establish the Lutheran mission station in Tarabo and an airstrip.
Later on they opened schools in the area. One of their sons, Jondally Yane, now a Seventh-Day Adventist faithful, took the lead in getting his relatives together to honour their parents.
The family thanked widow Anasi who has served as the Tarabo circuit women’s leader for 30 years.

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