Family planning can reduce deaths


THE most cost-effective method of preventing complications and deaths during child birth is to provide contraceptives to everyone, PNG’s Safe Motherhood Alliance director Catherine Fokes says.
Fokes said contraceptives helped women and girls to choose when to have a baby and plan safely for birth.
“If a woman does not wish to be pregnant, she can prevent that pregnancy. We all know you can’t die from pregnancy or child birth if you’re not pregnant,” she said.
“It enables families, women and girls to choose when is the best time to have a baby and then they can plan to have that baby safely.”
She said to have a child delivered under a supervised setting using the required training and professionals was ideal. But they have to look at what is available and practical.
“Providing family planning choices is available and that is the most cost-effective strategy, particularly in terms of Government population policy as well.”
She said contraceptive information should reach rural people.
“There needs to be a level of awareness and also accessibility making sure that health clinics have those commodities, they have those choices to make informed choice.”

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