Family survives landslide


A FAMILY home in Mendi, Southern Highlands, was only left dangling only a meter away from an area that slipped into the Mendi River after a landslide there on Sunday night.
It was like a nightmare for Samuel Kewa’s family from Tubiri village on the outskirts of Mendi town.
The family, after cleaning the filthy Mendi town with other Seventh-Day Adventist church members under the “total membership involvement (TMI)” programme from 6am to 8pm, went home, washed, had dinner and slept.
Wife Selinda Samuel said they were very tired and slept and there was a downpour in the night.
“I heard a loud noise and thought some thieves broke into the chicken house, the chickens were ready to be sold,” she said.
“I called one of my sons to check the chicken house and he should have fallen in but lucky that there was moonlight and he saw the landslip.
“We were shocked, we gathered and cried as the Lord had saved us.”
Samuel said her husband was the head deacon of the Sunday SDA church and they were part of the TMI team.
She said it was a miracle as her family coud have been slipped away in the fast-flowing Mendi River.
All the Seventh-Day Adventist church members in the vicinity of Mendi town were involved in the clean-up exercise.
The clean-up exercise was done in preparation for the launching of a nationwide total membership involvement
programme which begun on Monday.

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