Famuti lives to influence others

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WRAEVA Famuti, 26, a mechanical engineering graduate from the University of Technology, has come a long way.
Famuti, from Eastern Highlands, is the third-born in a family of two brothers and two sisters.
His late father, Aaron, was a cleaner. His mother Akuwari is a housewife.
Famuti and his siblings were raised in Port Moresby where money was scarce.
He started in 1997 in elementary school and completed his university studies in 2013.
“I never looked at my family background as a struggle for me. I took that as a challenge and moved forward,” he said
His goal is to live a life that will influence others.
Famuti’s father died in 2010 when he was doing his first year at the University of Technology.
His siblings were unemployed and his mother paid his tuition fees during his four years at the university.
She encouraged Famuti to excel in his studies even though she had no academic qualification.
As a student, Famuti made sacrifices such as avoiding his peers who had negative ideas.
He put his father’s death behind him and worked hard achieve his dreams.
His parents had taught him to trust God all the time and he used that to guide him along.
Famuti joined the National Maritime Safety Authority in August under its graduate trainee programme as a trainee under ship survey and inspection.
He is happy to be learning new things in his career as a graduate trainee.
“I was trained by some high qualified ship engineers and captains who have sailed on ships for more than a decade,” he said.
“The knowledge and skills they have given me is of higher standard.”
Famuti is looking forward to supporting and maintaining the quality of ship surveyor and inspection which is to promote safety at sea for the people and the marine environment.
He aims to be a naval architect and to pursue his career with National Maritime Safety Authority in the ship survey and inspection department.

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