Farmers to benefit from new Mendi market


THE K5 million Mendi market, funded by Southern Highlands Governor William Powi, will be completed by the end of this year.
The new market will enable local farmers in Southern Highlands and Kandep electorate in Enga to sell their produce.
Mendi Urban LLG project coordinator Naik Boski said that people have been without a market for a very long time.
He said that this market would be a relief for farmers who have been suffering to find a better location to sell their produce.
He said Simply Blue Collar Limited (SBCL) has been building the market.
“In the past, successive governments have failed to build a market and promote agriculture in the province,” he said.
“Because there was no market people did not turn to farming as they found it a waste of time.
“For the people of Southern Highlands and the neighbouring Kandpe electorate in Enga, there is a market in place.”
He said that this was one of the biggest developments within Mendi town where people will get the much needed benefit.
Boski added that people have been complaining about the absence of a market for a long time.
“This will help them to work their land and earn a living from their sweat instead of involving in illegal activities,” he said.

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