Father dedicated to serving PNG


THE son of Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc says his father was completely dedicated to his job and the betterment of Papua New Guinea, at times putting these ahead of his family.
“I will not deny the fact that my father was a workaholic,” said Zure Makili Zurenuoc in the eulogy delivered at his father’s funeral service at St Paul’s Lutheran Church in Lae on Saturday.
“One might assume that he loved his job more than any person because of the time, dedication and passion he put into which was evident in the level of output he produced.
“Therefore we, as his children, we learned to come to terms at a very early age that we had to share our father.
“We shared him with the people of Morobe and ended up sharing him with the people of Papua New Guinea as well. We also shared him with the countless individuals he took in to look after as his own children.
“Although we wish he (Sir Manasupe) would have devoted more time to us alone, there could be no substitute for the amount of pride and honour we will always carry, for having shared our father with all of you.”

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