Father of two killed


A FATHER of two children in Kimbe, West New Britain, was murdered last Friday and a retaliatory killing took place the next morning.
Provincial commander Superintendent Jim Namora said the incident led to a second murder  on Saturday morning when the victim’s relatives retaliated.
The father of two was murdered by two men, one an alleged escapee.
Namora said while police attended to the first murder, they were deployed to Bush Camp early on Saturday to stop a clash.
The clash happened between the Arowe people of Kandrian district and the Eastern Highlands community in the province.
The second victim was from Arowe.
Namora said five semi-permanent homes and bush material houses were burnt down during the retaliation. Namora said two people from Eastern Highlands  received severe head and limb wounds.
Police saved a young man from Eastern Highlands from being butchered by the Arowe people, Namora said.
“This man was captured and held hostage. He was tied to a tree when police stormed the area and rescued him,”  Namora said.
He said four people were arrested for alleged  murder and were in police custody.

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