Father wants for justice for son


A FATHER in Morobe whose son was allegedly shot and killed by police three years ago has called for investigations again to arrest those involved in the killing.
Michael Jack, from Biawen village in Bulolo district, claimed that his son was shot by police in Wau in 2014 but those involved were never arrested and charged.
“My son was an innocent young man but was shot without any valid reason,” Jack said.
“Police have conducted two separate investigations on this issue but we were not notified on the results of the investigations yet.”
Jack said a police officer and two reservists were alleged to have shot and killed his son when they mistook him for an escapee.
“Those who were allegedly involved in this killing are still performing their duties as police officers and I want justice to take place so that they can be arrested and charged for their offences,” he said.
Jack said his family would only find peace in their hearts if justice was done to punish those who allegedly killed his son.
Assistant Commissioner for Police for Northern Region Peter Guinness said this matter has taken a long time, therefore, the relatives of the deceased should seek his assistance.
“It has been three years since this alleged incident occurred so I want the relatives to come and see me so we can sort this out.”

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