Fiji firms interested in importing PNG goods


HAIRMAN of the Biosecurity Authority of Fiji Xavier Khan says there is interest from local firms in to import Papua New Guinea goods.
Khan told Fiji Times that he hoped to resolve the biosecurity issue surrounding the import of Ox and Palm corned beef, Trukai rice and other Papua New Guinea products.
A BAF team is expected to be in Papua New Guinea this week to meet officials from the National Agriculture Quarantine and Inspection Authority.
Khan said: “We can confirm that there’s interest from local companies (to import the products) so we are working to open the pathway so the biscuits, Ox and Palm and the Trukai rice can come in.
“Once the conditions are drawn out and agreed upon, which is through the normal mutual process of World Trade Organisation conditions, then we’ll negotiate the permits.”
The refusal by Fiji to allow the products into the country caused a trade row between the two countries.
Trade Commerce and Industry Minister Richard Maru threatened to ban all Fiji goods from being sold in Papua New Guinea if the matter was not resolved amicably.
In 2014, Papua New Guinea imported F$31.5 million (K47.8 million) worth of goods from Fiji while exporting only F$2.8 million (K4.2 million).
Maru recently said he would comment on the issue later this week.
Meanwhile, products from Papua New Guinea such as Ox and Palm corned beef, Trukai rice and Paradise biscuits will soon be back on supermarket shelves in Fiji, according to a media report in Suva.
It ended a recent row between the two countries over the import of PNG products into Fiji.

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