Fijians celebrate 47th independence anniversary


Fijians living in Port Moresby gathered on Tuesday evening and celebrated their country’s 47th independence anniversary.
Speaking at the occasion, Fiji High Commissioner Esala Teleni said: “Celebrating our independence in PNG is always something special and should be a source of mutual pride.
“PNG has a lot in common, including the historical and cultural influence the early missionaries brought to this nation.”
“Our histories and our people have been intertwined from these early days.
“I convey my greetings to all Fijians and our community living in PNG, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and New Caledonia. May this day bring new energy to guide our nation to a new heights of progress in the years to come.
“We also remember our great leaders and countless lives who have set the platform so that we attained peace, stability and prosperity. We also celebrate and demonstrate as people that we are quite able to manage our own destiny. We celebrate Fiji’s many achievements.
“In recent years, we have integrated all races into our society and called them Fijians. We have introduced a new political system which makes us an inclusive society.
“We have built a robust and healthy democracy. We have built a vibrant and dynamic economy. We are reforming our civil service. We have built a society in which all citizens are equal. We have expanded our foreign policy and explore new friends and markets. We have the pride in our multi-cultural society. We are a global player.
“It is undeniable that Fiji faces a lot of problems. But our problems do not define us. Our achievements and strength do.
“In taking responsibility personally for our country, let us do the same for PNG. Let us do whatever it takes to contribute to the building of our relationship with PNG and more so, also contribute to the development of the country we call home.”

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