Final hurdle for city league


THIS weekend will be full of emotion as the top-four teams in the Port Moresby Rugby League men’s A grade enter their semifinals.
Hohola Flies, Paga Panthers, Tarangau and Royals have stood tall despite struggling in the last 20 rounds of the competition and the two play-off weeks.
If experience is to be a telling factor in the finals, Royals have the obvious advantage in two SP Hunters players backing the pack.
Richard Wagambi’s Paga Panthers have Hunters assistant trainer Roger Laka in the halves.
Apart from these two teams, Hohola Flies and Classic Engineering-sponsored Tarangau have came a long way with the help of their local players.
The Panthers will take on the Royals while the Flies take on Tarangau this Sunday at National Football Stadium Oval 2.
The winners of these games will advance to the grand final play-off next weekend, while the losers will hang their boots and wait for next season.
Royals, who won the preliminary final against Kone Storm 36-28 on Wednesday, will be out in full force on Sunday as they take on the well-rested Panthers on the way to retaining the premiership title which is but a game away.
Hunters players Sailas Gahuna and William Aquila will be boosting the Royals, while Panthers will have former Hunters five-eight Roger Laka dealing the ball with his boots and deft hands.
In the other game, Tarangaus who beat Storm 8-4 last Saturday in the top-four play-offs, will face Hohola Flies with a now-or-never attitude.
The Flies winning form is intact as they have consistently advanced from the bottom-four to the preliminary play-offs.

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