Financial inclusion a policy direction, Panjwani says


FINANCIAL inclusion is a policy direction that factors into the development of bmobile-vodafone products and services, its chief marketing officer Parag Panjwani says.
“We believe that there are some tasks that a bank or a financial institution does and there are some that we as a mobile service provider do,” Panjwani said.
“In the case of product development, we help financial institutions reach the people.
“We facilitate the ease of access of financial services to people.”
He said bmobile-Vodafone products and services reflected the company’s policy on making customers have more access to services and is aligned to with it being a State-owned enterprise.
“Any one of our financial services offered through mobiles,” Panjwani said.
“For example our partnership insurance product, the main struggle was how you get the people of Papua New Guinea to pay a regular premium.
“How do you expand the network so much that even a person in the village will have access to an insurance policy?
“We partnered an insurance provider and made them able reach this people as we already have through our mobile network.
“Our strategy with respect to financial inclusion is all about facilitating banks and financial institutions to get people to have access to their services.
“We are currently offering the service of mobile banking with Westpac and will very soon partner with the other banks to include mobile financial services. We have even partnered with superannuation funds to make their services more accessible. We want to bring services like this to the people.”

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