Financier outlines projects


THE Asian Development Bank’s bilateral focus in the agriculture sector is concentrated in a few countries – Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Samoa.
The big donor’s agriculture assistance covers agriculture, forestry and fisheries, according to its updated Pacific Approach plan 2015-2019.
Key areas where ADB has been providing support for reform are:

  • Business regulatory environment (development of business laws);
  • rationalisation and privatisation of State-Owned Enterprises;
  • establishing legal and policy frameworks for public-private partnerships;
  • developing personal property security frameworks (to increase access to finance); and,
  • use of technology to increase access to finance.

A strong emphasis was also placed on physical infrastructure development.
Transport sector projects aim to increase accessibility to remote areas, better connecting farmers to domestic and international markets.
ADB’s focus on improving transport and connectivity and strengthening the enabling business environment is relevant for agriculture development because the greatest portion of current private sector activity in the Pacific region is generated by small-scale entrepreneurs in agriculture, fishing and tourism.
In an effort to improve development partner coordination, ADB has played an important role in strengthening partnerships for delivery of regional support to private sector development and infrastructure development.

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