Fined, compo ordered for insulting


THE Boroko District Court yesterday ordered a man to pay a K600 fine for using insulting words and threatening behaviour towards a woman and her children in the National Capital District last year.
Magistrate Tracey Ganaii also ordered Simoi Vai, 51, from Hanuabada village in NCD, to pay compensation of K500 to the woman for threatening her and her children.
The court deducted the K600 fine from Vai’s bail (of K600) and told him to pay the compensation within two weeks from yesterday or a default order of 60 days imprisonment would apply to him.
The court also restrained him from further insulting and threatening the woman and her children for a period of six months.
Ganai told Vai that the case was serious because he committed that offence in the presence of children.
She said two children came to the court during the trial and gave evidence of what Vai had done to them.
Ganai said the court always considered and protected children’s rights under the Children’s Act in such circumstances.
Police prosecutor Sergeant Peter Asi asked the court to impose a maximum penalty against Vai because he said the nature of the threatening words were a matter of concern to the mother and his children.
Vai apologised to the court for his actions.
The court heard that Vai on Dec 23 last year, was under the influence of alcohol and came to the family house at Hanuabada village.
He walked to the kitchen and picked up a gas bottle with a stove and damaged them.
He shouted at the top of his voice telling everybody to move out of the house.
The next day, he returned to the house and used insulting words in the Motu language.

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