Fire damages important files: Police


By Rebecca Kuku
METROPOLITAN Superintendent Benjamin Turi says the fire last Thursday at the Boroko police station damaged important documents and files on court cases.
The building houses the NCD and Central divisional command headquarters, prosecution office, sexual offences unit and the office of the break-in squad.
Authorities have not ruled out arson.
Turi, who was suspended yesterday for 21 days, said the fire damaged documents and files needed for court cases.
“The office is unfit for habitation at the moment.
“And even though the fire was contained, documents and files may have been affected by the water used to put out the fire.
“My main concern is the break-in squad’s office which housed all the criminal files.
“The Sexual Offence Unit office also has countless number of offences reported every day.
“Files on all the disciplinary matters in NCD and armed robbery, the prosecution office have all been affected by the fire.”
Turi said it would make it difficult for prosecutors to present cases in court. “At the moment, the offices have been relocated. And we are trying to restore the office,” he said.
Meanwhile a clerk with the NCD/Central divisional command has been arrested over the fire after a substantial amount of money was allegedly found at her home.

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