Firm aims to deliver K2.5m project


THE Ramu NiCo project landowner company in the Bundi Local Level Government – Kurumbukari (KBK) Limited – is working hard to deliver a K2.5 million project, according to the operator.
Ramu Nico Management (MCC) in a statement said the project was funded by Mineral Resources Authority under the project’s memorandum of agreement.
According to MCC, 15 houses including teachers’ quarters, classrooms and a health centre are under construction by KBK Ltd under the supervision of the Madang provincial works department.
KBK Ltd general manager John Opotio said the carpenters were working very hard to deliver the project after two months.
“Our landowners have been complaining that we misused the money but that is not true. MRA did not deliver the money for us to complete the project,” he said.
“We will now deliver the project so that our teachers can live in good modern houses and our children can have good classrooms to study.”
Building supervisor Akaka Waima said 40 carpenters including 10 carpentry students from the Bau Vocational Centre in Madang were working on the buildings.
Two schools to benefit are Enikuwai Primary and Daunagari Primary located within the KBK Mine impacted area.
Enikuwai Primary will have three double classrooms, three teachers’ houses and one duplex health centre and accommodation building. Daunagari Primary will have rest of the buildings.

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