Firm, clans venture into mining activities


A COMPANY has teamed up with a landowner group of the Kainantu mine in Eastern Highlands to venture into accessing greater benefits for the people from mining activities.
RS Logistics Supply Services entered into a joint venture with the Pomasi landowner group to work with the developers of the Kainantu gold mine to secure spin-off benefits for the landowners.
RS Highlands Logistics managing director, Sandy Karip said they initiated the partnership to get maximum benefits for the landowners.
“Under the agreement, the company will ensure landowners get employment, have access to community services like good water supply, improved roads and bridges and infrastructures for health and education facilities,” Karip said.
She said she tried her best to bring the people’s interest forward.
“I tried my very best for the people,” she said.
“I now appreciate and welcome the joint venture agreement with the company. As long as we remain intact, our people can have access to maximum benefits from the company.”

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