Firm helps recruits to register with authority


A WEST New Britain-based security firm is assisting a new batch of recruits to register with the PNG Security Industry Authority (SIA) through professional in-house training to qualify them to be officially permitted by the authority.
Security Shields PNG is a newly-established firm in Kimbe that was praised for meeting the SIA requirement of proper training and licensing of their personnel placing them in a better position of maintaining a high standard of recognition for its service.
Operations manager, Zoemen Wapongi, who facilitated the training, said it was vital for new recruits to understand their duties and the basics of security functions.
The theory part of the training covers basic introduction principles, discipline, rules and regulations and method of communication.
The practical aspect is focused more on physical fitness training and drills to ensure beginners are well equipped.
Security Shields PNG owner and director Solomon Mane expressed enthusiasm to have his personnel trained well before they receive their postings in the field.
“Security is an industry that will require commitment, discipline and integrity to serve and protect our communities and contribute in curbing law and order problems in the country,” Mane said.
“Therefore, it is important that our guards are well-prepared before they take up their duties.
“Being a new player in this industry comes with its fair share of challenges but with the proper training, we are driven to maintain a high standard of professionalism with the delivery of our services.”
Speaking on behalf of the new recruits, trainee Michael Samson thanked Security Shields PNG, saying it was an eye-opener for him.
Samson was previously under the impression that the job was only about guarding premises.
“With the in-depth knowledge and skills from this training, I am now a confident individual who has a broader perspective of my role in this firm and how I will contribute meaningfully to this industry.”
The firm boasts a reputation for quality service with a remarkable progress within a space of one year.
It plans to expand its services from where it is today to ensure that West New Britain is a safer place for women and children.

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