Firms give books to schools


The Stanley Gas development partners in Western have come to the aid of nine elementary schools in the North Fly district with library books.
The partners, Repsol as operator, Horizon Oil, Osaka Gas and Mitsubishi Corporation agreed to assist the schools with the purchase of early childhood learning reading books under their community education assistance programme.
The early childhood learning schools are Mepu, Grengas, Matkomnae, Senamrae, Miamrae, Birompenae, Dande 1 and 2 and Menumsore.
Repsol community affairs manager Robin Moaina said the total assistance to the nine schools cost K16,000 and came under the partners’ 2016 US$400,000 (K1.2 million) community investment programme.
The partners were keen on supporting reading programmes in schools in the North Fly and have spent money on a computer lab for Montfort Primary School in Kiunga as a pilot project and rebuilding a library for Matkomnae.
“We are committed to working with the provincial and district education agencies, schools and churches and NGOs to develop the education of our children,” Moaina said.
“Early childhood education is very important to the development of a child’s future education and we are committed to support this level of education in Kiunga area by investment in library materials.
“Therefore, we are supporting the nine elementary schools in their efforts to develop libraries.”
Kiunga education superintendent Zigu Piak said the Western government and North Fly administration were very thankful to the companies for their support.
“Our children are like plants and books are like water. When we give them a book to read each day, we water their imagination and soon they will develop better and stronger capacities in reading and writing.
“Therefore, I urge the local communities to take ownership of such investments like the early childhood learning programme and make every effort to support the investment by ensuring your child comes to school, the elementary facilities especially libraries are looked after, books are utilised properly and their teachers are supported.”
The students, when receiving their books last week during a small ceremony at Mepu village in Kiunga, sang songs and read books.

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