Firms inform MPs of concerns


THE Lae business community has forwarded a number of concerns they want the new Morobe governor and Lae MP to address to help with business in the city.
Among them are fixing some extremely poor roads in the city, improving public transport, improve market and reducing crime.
Business houses through the Lae Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) raised the issues on Tuesday during a breakfast meeting at the Lae Yacht Club with Governor Ginson Saonu and MP John Rosso.
President Alan McLay said some of the things they wanted to be addressed in the city were:

  • the deteriorating road conditions in some parts of the city;
  • poor public transportation system;
  •  land-grabbing;
  •  expediting the establishment of the Lae City Authority;
  •  improving the provision of the municipal services;
  •  improving the Lae Traffic Registry;
  •  equipping of the city police to fight crime; and,
  •  reviving the Morobe Tourism Bureau.

“We feel that the areas of concern are important and need to be addressed,” McLay said.
“These are things that affect businesses and their operations.”
Saonu said the concerns raised were all important and that his government would look into and find ways to address them.

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