First 100 days crucial: UN rep


The United Nations says the first 100 days of Parliament matter.
UN Country Representative Roy Trivedy told the 2017 PNG Update Forum last week that what parliament does in the first 100 days is a story of what will happen in the next five years.
“It is vital to signal in the first 100 days on whether we want to continue doing things or improve on some areas such as health or education outcomes, food security and so on,” he said.
He urged parliamentarians to step up because they needed to make things happen.
“You need to also signal some things that will change from the last time you were in parliament,” Trivedy said.
Trivedy stressed that it was vital in the first 100 days to support key national institutions such as the Ombudsman Commission, Register of Political Parties and Candidates, Constitutional and Law Reform Commission, National Research Institute, National Agriculture Research Institute and all universities.
He said everyone has to come together and talk about what to achieve as a nation in the next five years.
“Part of this is about building trust and confidence and this is a major challenge to deliver.”
Trivedy said there should be a good government communication office.

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