Fish farming success


THERE is money in fish farming – whether it be in cages or ponds, fish farmer  Jonah Bobogi from Sogeri in Central, says..
Bobogi started his fish project in 2002 and now has around 23,000 fish in cages.
He told The National that they were mainly super tilapia and golden carp.
For someone who went as far as Grade 9, being involved in the fish project helps put food on the table for his family.
Bobogi sells the fish to individuals and hoteliers as per their orders.
“There is potential in fish farming or aquaculture,” he said.
“Demand for tilapia is very high. I get good money from this.
“I also sell fingerlings, K1 for one bag (250 fish) of tilapia. There is money in fish farming, it’s a matter of you working hard for it.”
He reckons fish feed is a challenge but the National Fisheries Authority is helping farmers such as him by subsidising the costs.
Bobogi will open a hatchery at Sirinumu this month.

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