Fisheries workers need more training: Official


THERE is a high demand for specialised labour from the large fisheries companies, according to an official.
National Fisheries College post-harvest operations programme team leader Catherine Withan said this was due to international standards that had to be met by the companies for export products.
Withan said the post-harvest operations programme had to balance selection due to this demand to cater for each company.
“The post-harvest is about all the activities that we take on from the start of catching the fish down to handling, processing, storage and right through to the sale of the fish for export or consumption. It involves a lot of activities,” she said.
“We have a lot of fishing companies in which we are concentrating our training. And those fishing companies have workers are more into the production fish. Our training targets all the food handlers.
“The industry has always wanted training for their staff and the college is the only recognised institution under the National Fisheries Authority to provide training to the industry.
“The demand is high because the industry is made up of people who have qualifications.
“The industry is also changing in terms of market access requirements.
“There are different things coming up every year in terms of standards and import requirements.”

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