Five killed, policeman injured


TWO men were killed and a policeman was injured in an ambush yesterday at Komo in Hela, provincial police commander Michael Wely said.
Wely told The National that the trio were part of an escort for Deputy Governor Thomas Potape and Minister for Higher Education Francis Marus who were travelling to an institution in Komo when they were attacked.
He said the attackers had been tipped that their enemies were in a convoy so they stopped the vehicles, pulled them out and murdered them.
He said police were part of the escort but could not do anything because they were outnumbered.
“It was a continuing fight from last week in Komo and the villagers were tipped that the two were part of the convoy and they blocked the road, checked all the vehicles, pulled them out and killed them,” Wely said.
“One of our police officers was also injured in the attack and the others could not do anything to save them.”
He said the police returned to town, regrouped and went back to look for the suspects but they had fled. Meanwhile, in South Koroba LLG a fight broke out last week between the Pina and Wita villages, leaving three people dead.
Wely said the fight started over a suspicious death of a man from Wita.
“From the reports we received the man had an argument with his wife and committed suicide while others said that the wife murdered the husband. Because of that, his relatives retaliated and killed two people from Pina, and in revenge they killed one of them,” Wely said.
He said the police intervened last Saturday and managed to stop the fight but it continued Monday and several houses were burnt.
He said the situation was under control.

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