Five PNG firms hit in ransomware attack


SEVERAL global virus attacks have occurred in the country this year, according to the National Information Communication and Technology Authority.
Chief executive Charles Punaha said that five companies had been attacked by the virus which affected internet users globally.
“We did not want disclose that because we did not want to cause any apprehension or any anxiety in the local network. But Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre (APINIC) told us who were attacked,” he said.
“And if that information is disclosed, people will have the perception that their systems are not safe and secure which may affect their business.
“That’s why we were hesitant to disclose. But we had about five medium to large companies which were attacked in May this year.”
Minister for Communication and Information, Technology and Energy Sam Basil said PNG was vulnerable to global cyberattacks.
“In the wake of the May 2017 WannCry ransomware attack that affected more than 300,000 computers in 150 countries, there is an urgency to secure our cyberspace,” Basil said.
“Developed countries like the UK and Russia were worse hit by the virus which leaves countries like ours highly vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks.”
“The WannaCry ransomware was able to lock down personal computers denying people access to personal information they need in their daily lives.”

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