Five years for causing injuries


A MAN has been jailed for five years for assaulting and causing injuries to another man two years ago in Port Moresby.
Don Kapilo, 48, from Teremanda village in Enga, will serve four years and 11 months in prison after the court deducted one month and three weeks for the time he had spent in custody.
Justice George Manuhu said assault causing serious injuries was prevalent in the society.
He said the punishment given to offenders had not been a deterrent. “Nobody should be allowed to walk up to someone and start causing grievous bodily harm to that person. The prisoner is an adult and should have known better,” Manuhu said.
The court heard that Kapilo had expressed remorse and that he was a first-time offender.”
The incident happened on Aug 8, 2015. The court heard that Kapilo continued to assault the man while he lay helpless on the ground and attacked him with a knife.

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